Pealock 2 – electronic lock

Pealock is a smart electronic lock for your sports equipment. Multifunctional and easily portable. You can simply pack it in the pocket of a cycling jersey or ski jacket and you will have it available at any time.

Pealock only works in EU countries

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Pealock can be used on any equipment that is valuable to you. Whether it’s a bike, skis, scooter, stroller, cart, snowboard, motoscooter, etc. Pealock is equipped with a GPS module, motion sensor, integrated alarm and sends notifications directly to your mobile phone via Bluetooth technology. If you move away from the lock for a longer distance, Pealock can automatically switch to GSM mode and call you if necessary. A charged SIM card is included in every package. The lock case, including the strap, is made of highly durable materials. Production, including assembly, takes place in the Czech Republic.

How does Pealock work?

Pealock has a motion sensor, integrated alarm and alerts you to your mobile phone.
The belt is made of a durable material, in which steel cables and electric wire are molded. Both are connected to the alarm system to trigger notification in case of any attempt of removing.
GPS connection
Mobile phone connection
Integrated alarm
Motion sensor
Cut resistant

In the app you can find the exact location of Pealock

Thanks to the GPS module, you can track the location of your device even when you’re not in range. The use of GPS is completely free in the app. You can pay an annual subscription fee of 19 EUR for a data plan that allows Pealock to communicate with you (out of Bluetooth range). The first month after purchasing of Pealock, this feature is free.

Locking / unlocking options

You have two options to unlock / lock your Pealock. Either via the NFC card included in each package or via a button in the mobile application. If you do not prefer to use the card, you can add an NFC keychain or a bracelet in to your basket.
Using mobile app
Using nfc

Pealock resistance

The strap is made of a durable material in which steel wires are pressed and a wire that is connected to the alarm. The hardened plastic box can withstand even harsh handling in all conditions.
Controlling multiple Pealocks
The state of Pealock

What the app can do

You can check the battery status and GSM and GPS signal strength in the app. You can also set an alarm delay so that the alarm doesn’t go off immediately if someone stumbles or moves your equipment.
So it’s up to you whether you prefer more peace of mind or want to be aware of every move. Pealock can automatically disarm the alarm if the lock is in the idle position for 5 seconds.

Technical specification

  • Technology: GPS, Bluetooth 5.0, GSM, NFC
  • Resistance: Against rain and snow
  • Bluetooth range: up to 230 m
  • Mobile applications: iOS, Android
  • Sensors: Triaxial accelerometer detects unwanted movement, temperature sensor detects unwanted attempts at freezing or melting
  • Battery: 1800 mAh (up to 40 hours active / locked mode), direct connection possible, battery life 300 charge cycles, while maintaining at least 80% of its capacity
  • Charging: USB-C, 3,5 hours
  • Weight: 170 g
  • Strap lenght: 35 cm
  • LED indicator: green and red diodes
  • Integrated alarm: yes
  • Weather resistance: rain and snow resistance
  • Operating temperature: -15 ° C to +55 ° C

Product FAQ

  • What is Pealock?

    Pealock is a smart electronic lock which protects sports gear and other equipment from theft.

  • How does Pealock work?

    Pealock can be locked / unlocked using a smart app or NFC accessory. The lock communicates over short distances via Bluetooth. As soon as you move away from the lock, it automatically switches to the GSM signal. The SIM card is already inserted into the lock at the factory.

  • How do I turn on Pealock?

    By snapping the buckle into the lock. The LED ring will flash green.

  • What’s in the Pealock package?

    The package contains a Pealock smart lock including a strap and buckle, operating instructions, NFC card, tool for removing and inserting the SIM card, USB charging cable.

  • Is it possible to have a bracelet and a keychain paired to the lock?

    Yes. It is possible to pair up to 5 different NFC accessories to one lock.

  • Do I need a smartphone to control Pealock?

    There is no need to have a smartphone when using Pealock. The package includes an NFC card that can be used to lock / unlock the Pealock.

  • How can I unlock the lock when the battery is low?

    Pealock has an automatic unlock function when the battery is very low. In practice, this means that at 20%, the user is notified that the battery is almost empty and the lock will unlock soon. With 10% left in battery, the owner is again warned about the very low capacity of the battery and the lock will be unlocked.

  • Will Pealock work abroad?

    Pealock only works in EU countries

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