Written about us

,,His skis were stolen, so he decided to protect the equipment of others. Marek Vala designed a smart lock that won’t break even a hammer.”
,,The Czechs strive for a safer world, they bring a solution how to protect top sports equipment.”
"Early-stage startups most appreciate CzechInvest’s assistance with contracts, business planning and contact with investors"
,,His skis were stolen in the Alps. So he has developed a lock for them.”
,,They stole him his skis. So he invented a smart lock, which also won a design Oscar.”
,,The smart lock from small city in Europe goes out into the world. It talks with mobile phone and protects skis and bike, and collects money on Kickstarter.”
,,The Czechs created a smart lock that protects sports equipment. They are now entering the American Kickstarter.”
,,Pealock, the smart alarm”
,,Pealock, smart electronic lock”


Quality workmanship, manufactured and assembled in the Czech Republic (the heart of Europe).

As time went

2017 - The first sketches

2018 - Beginning of development

2020 - Winner of Reddot Award 2020 and Winner of KB

2021 - Investments from Průša Research and Nation 1

2021 - Start of mass production