Pealock is a smart electronic lock that protects sports and other equipment from theft.

Pealock can be locked/unlocked using the smart app or NFC accessories. For short distances, the lock communicates via Bluetooth. As soon as you move away from the lock, it is automatically switched to a data plan. The SIM card is preinstalled the lock at the factory.

Click the buckle into the lock. The LED ring will flash green.

The package includes Pealock smart lock, including strap and buckle, operating instructions, NFC card, needle for removing and inserting the SIM card, USB-C charging cable.

Yes. It is possible to pair up to 5 pieces of NFC accessories with one lock.

When using Pealock, there is no need to have a smartphone. There is an NFC card in the package with which Pealock can be locked/unlocked.

Pealock has an automatic unlock function when the battery is very weak. In practice, this means that at 20%, the user is notified that the battery is almost discharged and the lock will soon unlock. With a 10% battery, the owner is again alerted of the very low battery capacity, and the lock is unlocked.

In most countries (where you have a mobile signal), Pealock works as designed. In the event that Pealock loses its signal abroad, just remove and reinsert the SIM card into the lock. It will read information on the foreign signal provider and will work as it does in the Czech Republic.


Yes. Pealock can also be used in the basement or garage. However, it must be connected to an outlet so that it does not run out of battery. Another option is to charge it with a power bank.

The strap is 35cm long. With the help of the buckle, its length can be adjusted. Sports equipment can be attached to a railing or stand. Two bikes can also be connected together.

You can fold the Pealock and put it in the bike bag, which we sell in our e-shop. The lock can also be carried in a backpack or the back pocket of a cycling jersey.

You can lock two bikes together, the bike frame to a rack or the frame to the rear wheel.


In the mobile application, you can easily set an alarm delay from 1 to 5 seconds. In addition, the Pealock has the function of automatically stopping the alarm when the Pealock is stationary for 5 seconds. The alarm will then turn off automatically.

Yes. You can also lock skis with poles. The strap is 35cm long and its length can be adjusted with the help of a buckle.

Between the toe and heel binding around the perimeter.


If you are out of Bluetooth range, Pealock will notify you (full screen notification). It uses mobile data. A SIM card is preinstalled in the lock at the factory, through which communication works. In order for the mobile data plan to remain active, it is necessary to subscribe once a year for 19 EUR. For the first 1 month you have free data from us.

Yes, a SIM card is included. To use GPS and notification in the form of calls, it is important to pay the data plan directly within the Pealock app.

Purchase and shipping

Card, bank transfer, PayPal. We do not allow cash on delivery.

We use the Stripe payment gateway, which is one of the most secure gateways in the world.

Pealock is dispatched from the Czech Republic within 24 hours of payment.

Please note that in some countries import duties may apply to consumer goods. The customer is obliged to know these obligations, so inquire about import duties on consumer goods directly in your country. VAT is included for orders within the EU – we ship from a warehouse in the EU.

We use the services of carriers PPL, Zásilkovna, GLS and UPS.

Yes. Pealock can be returned within 14 days without giving a reason. The goods must be unused and in their original packaging. The return form can be found in the confirmation email of the order. You can also find the return form in the footer of our website.

After receiving the returned Pealock, we refund the money to the account, as a rule, within 5-8 working days.


Pealock meets the IP33 protection rating. Pealock should always be fixed in a vertical direction perpendicular to the ground. Water must not get to the back of the hole under the buckle. In the locked state, water will not get into the lock, because the hole is protected by a buckle. Therefore, it is undesirable to leave the lock lying in the rain in an unlocked state with the back side up. The lock is also equipped with a temperature sensor. In the event of a sharp change in temperature, it notifies the user.

No. The strap is made of a highly resistant material – thermoplastic elastomer. Inside the strap are steel ropes and a wire connected to the alarm.


The second-generation Pealock features a Li-Pol battery that lasts up to 40 hours on a single charge.

Pealock can be connected to an outlet via a USB-C cable. In this case, it can be kept in a locked state indefinitely. For example, when you want to lock a bike in a basement or storage room.

The second-generation Pealock has capacity up to 40 hours. In the mobile app, you have a constant overview of the battery status. If the charge value drops below 20%, you will be informed.

In the long term, we plan to replace the battery as part of our services. However, currently, battery replacement is not possible by the user.


The Pealock app is available for iOS and Android. You can download it for free in the App Store and Google Play.

In the mobile application, you can easily set an alarm delay from 1 to 5 seconds. In addition, the Pealock has the function of automatically stopping the alarm when the Pealock stationary for 5 seconds. The alarm will then turn off automatically.

Yes. Pealock can be paired with multiple phones. However, it can only work with one device at a time. In the application settings, it is possible to specify which phone number Pealock will call if necessary.

Yes. Multiple Pealocks can be connected to one phone. In the app settings in the upper right corner via the "+" button, you will add another smart lock.

Yes. With the second generation of Pealock, you will see the location of the lock in the app on the map.