Pealock – electronic lock for sports equipment

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Pealock is a revolutionary electronic lock for your sports equipment. It is incredibly multifunctional and portable, plus you can easily put it in your jersey pocket or your ski jacket and have it available at any time. You can use Pealock on any equipment that is of value to you, such as skis, bicycles, scooters, prams, carts, snowboards, scooters, etc.

Pealock has a motion sensor, an integrated alarm and sends notifications directly to your mobile phone via the latest Bluetooth 5 technology. For even longer distances, it can automatically switch to GSM mode and will call you when necessary.  In this case, the Pealock will call you, then you can reject the call or use your NFC card on Pealock. A pre-charged SIM card is included in every package and calls are completely free.

The body of the Pealock, including the strap, is made of highly durable materials. Production, including assembly, takes place in the Czech Republic – the heart of Europe.

You have two options how to unlock / lock your Pealock. Either via the NFC card included in each package or via a button in the mobile application. If you prefer to not use a card, you can add an NFC keychain or a bracelet to your shopping basket.

In the application you can check the battery status and other settings of your Pealock. You can also set an alarm delay so that the alarm does not go off immediately in case of situations where someone just bumps into your skis or moves them. So it’s up to you whether you prefer more peace or want to know about every movement. Pealock has an automatic alarm stop, if the Pealock does not move for 5 seconds, the alarm will turn off automatically.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Black, Green, Pink

Technology: Bluetooth 5.0, GSM, NFC

Bluetooth range: up to 800 feet (230m)

Mobile app: iOS, Android

Sensors: Triple-Axis accelerometer detects, unwanted movement, temperature sensor detects freezing and melting tactics

Battery: 1800 mAh (around 40 hours of active mode)

Charging: USB-micro, 3,5 hours

Weight: 4.94 oz (140 g)

Strap length: 13.8 inch (35 cm)

LED indicator: green and red diods

Integrated alarm: yes, 110 dB (90 dB – 4in from the box)

Weather resistance: rain and snow resistant (IP33)

Operating temperature: -5°F to +131°F (-15°C to +55°C)